Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Slight slip-up but back at it, Fast Day 4

Okay... so I had a 4 day "slump".... Boo! That is what I have to say about that.

I had soda, cup cakes, chinese food, I even had McDonald's chicken nuggets. (Makes my stomach turn now just thinking about it.

Here's what I noticed during these 4 slip-up days:
-I felt physically sick
-I felt super bloated
-I felt stuffed
-I feel emotionally sick
-I felt worthless
-I felt weak

I just felt generally awful! Now today, but on my fasting/cleansing groove I feel great! A little "cleansing" effect on my bowels but what can you expect after 4 days of eating like crap and then getting back at it?

Fast Day 5

Pre-breakfast: 3TB raw apple cider vinegar with water

Breakfast: Kale, banana, pineapple, raspberry smoothie

Lunch: Honeycrisp apple, cashews, raisins, clementine

Snack (treat): Soy raspberry mocha glacier with sugar free syrup

Dinner: 6 inch sweet onion chicken teryaki at subway, broccoli and cheese soup, 6 squares of orange peel dark chocolate bar (soooo yummy!)

Total calories:1575

Exercise: 6.5 miles in 65 minutes on the elliptical on the hilly setting. I felt weak-ish and my knee was being weird so I lowered the "level" and didn't push myself as hard as usual. But I still did it!

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