Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have not written a blog in quite a while... I am feeling pretty overwhelmed by my life lately :(

However since I got my GoWear Fit I have worn it every day and tracked my calories every day. Even those days when I knew I didn't want to see how low my calorie burn was and how high my calorie intake was. The good news though: I have not had a single day without a calorie deficit! So I must be doing something right!

Also I did two 5k runs last week which brought me to the 50 mile total mark! WOOT! Both runs last week were hard... I wanted to quit half way through both but I wouldn't let myself.

I will keep trucking along even though life is crazy right now and hopefully have some good numbers to show for it soon!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

GoWear Fit

My GoWear Fit came! My GoWear Fit came!!! WOOT!!

I'm so excited that my GoWear Fit came! I got my online account/subscription going already and today has been my first day wearing it! *happy dance*

Here is an example of the online data portion:

Tonight when I take my shower to get ready for tomorrow I will take the armband off and connect it to my computer to upload all the info it took of me today. I'm excited but also nervous to see my readings. Excited because I will be getting some feedback about my caloric burn but nervous because what if it's not good! eek!
Regardless it will be good because it will give me concrete goals to work toward and I love challenges. I love to compete, even if its just with myself!
Here we go!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cooking in Pictures

Here are a couple things I cooked in step by step pictures :) Vegan ranch, green smoothie and vegetarian potstickers!

Vegan ranch, the cast:
Mostest mixing
Finished product

Green smoothie, the cast:
Kale first
Blended with 1 cup of water into this beautiful-ness
Bananas, strawberries and blue berries
Oops, forgot finished product... looks very similar in color to before the fruit though :)

Vegetarian potstickers, the cast: (Cabbage, ginger root, garlic, pink Himalayan sea salt, gyoza wrappers, TVP, green onions, thai basil, sesame oil, Bragg's liquid aminos)
Rehydrating the TVP (textured vegetable protein)
Chopping mushrooms with my Bang and Chop (seriously that thing rocks!)
Chopping green onions with my Ulu (my favorite Alaskan cooking tool!)
Grating ginger root
Grinding the pink Himalayan sea salt
Mostest getting the cabbage ready
Chopping the cabbage with my Bang and Chop :)
All the ingredients mixed together
Mostest helping apply water to the edges of the gyoza wrappers
Press edges with fork to seal
Mostest pointing at the ready-for-the-pan potstickers
A little vegetable oil on the pan, let the potstickers brown on each side then add 1/2 c of water
Yummy dipping sauce
Finished product! Yum!
Flour a cookie sheet and space the extras evenly to freeze and save for another day!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote my last entry! I kept meaning to write another post and even took a bunch of pictures!

So here we go. I am trying to go grocery shopping every 2 weeks. Here is what I got :)

-Rice Cheeze
-White onion
-Cucumbers (they were huuuge!)
-Green onions

Seriously look at how big the cucumbers are!

A healthy munchie for Mostest and I

Some new things:
-Almond paste (never had before)
-A new brand of jam (secretly I think I am most after the jars... hehe)
-Raw blanched peanuts
-Sprouts (never had before)
-Yellow curry (never had before)
-Fresh ginger root
-Pure sesame oil
-Uncle Dan's ranch mix
-Skewers (at Mostest's request lol)
-Bragg's Liquid Aminos
-Bragg's raw apple cider vinegar
I was super excited about these because I have been putting off buying these due to the high price and when I was passing through the aisle I saw that they were 50% off!!!! So I got both of them! Woot!!

I was very happy with all the stuff I bought and have been going through at a pretty good pace (sometimes I have a hard time eating all my produce before it goes bad because I want to eat other stuff instead...) I am very pleased with my adventurous produce shopping and eating! :)