Sunday, September 12, 2010

GoWear Fit

My GoWear Fit came! My GoWear Fit came!!! WOOT!!

I'm so excited that my GoWear Fit came! I got my online account/subscription going already and today has been my first day wearing it! *happy dance*

Here is an example of the online data portion:

Tonight when I take my shower to get ready for tomorrow I will take the armband off and connect it to my computer to upload all the info it took of me today. I'm excited but also nervous to see my readings. Excited because I will be getting some feedback about my caloric burn but nervous because what if it's not good! eek!
Regardless it will be good because it will give me concrete goals to work toward and I love challenges. I love to compete, even if its just with myself!
Here we go!!!


  1. How exactly does it work to tell how many calories you've burned? Do you have to enter in the calories you've eaten?

  2. Here's a link with some info about how it collects calorie burning data. (And yes you have to input what you eat)