Friday, November 12, 2010

Green Smoothie Fast Day 2,3,4

Hmm... I thought I blogged about day 2 but apparently I didn't! LOL

So... I never successfully went a full day without eating food-food. But I did successfully go 4 days of having green smoothies for everything but dinner! And I even stayed on target with my calories.

I felt awesome! There was no peaks and valleys blood-sugar wise, I wasn't bloated at all, and had tons of energy!

Not here's the bummer.... I didn't lose anything! I went down 2 lbs from where I was at the beginning of the week, but those were 2 lbs that I had gone up from my lowest weigh in so far.\

I'm feeling incredibly frustrated. All this busting my ass for like 2 months and I have a 3 lb total loss to show for it?! WTF? I am looking better, not like down-a-pant-size better but I can feel a difference, and the scale shows nada. I'm getting pretty fucking fed up.

I'm going to try to do a 1 day water fast on Sunday. (we'll see how that goes :S) And then I plan on getting the green smoothie fast going again Monday, and maybe I will even get the dinner thing worked out.


  1. I am so sorry the scale is not showing your efforts. I've said this before, but I'll say it again....I think you need your thyroid and other hormone levels checked. This is a pretty simple blood test. It won't be long before you have access to great public employee health care, so try to hang on until then.

  2. I actually just did a TSH test recently and was supposed to get the results yesterday at the health fair but they had been lost, so I will have to wait a little while longer. It really upset me because I wanted to know so bad what the results were. :(