Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fast Day 3

Breakfast: Kale, pomegranate, raspberry, clementine smoothie

Treat: Raspberry mocha glacier

Lunch: 2 pieces of pizza, 1 cup of ice cream

Dinner: 2 servings of shrimp with 1/4c of cocktail sauce and a salad

Total calories: 1846

Exercise: I did 6.76 miles on the elliptical in 65 minutes and did 10k(6.2m) in 59 min on the hilly setting. I felt really woozy through most of the work out but I stuck it out!

So I kind of messed up by eating the pizza and ice cream at a work thing today... it was not "approved" food and it put me over my 1500 cal goal. But I still did fairly good intake wise and I turned it around with dinner instead of just saying "Well I screwed up already so might as well keep make poor food choices..."

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