Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Drowning in Self-Loathing

It's tangible...
I can feel it pressing down on me...
Pulling me down...
Threatening to swallow me up...
This self-loathing.

Dissappointed... in myself
Angry... with myself
Sad... within myself
Seething... at myself
Hating... myself

I know I should put some positive spin on this, look on the brightside, "whatever doesn't kill you makes you strong" blah blah blah. But I can't. Not right now. I have these lofty goals of losing weight (which is working for shit by the way) but truthfully I'm barely treading water in life much less the weight loss realm.

Times like this I long for the times when stress made me *not* want to eat... At least something would be moving in the right direction...

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry you're feeling so down right now - you are MUCH more than what you eat or what you weigh, so please try not to be so hard on yourself!!