Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stress Tolls

My life has gotten pretty stressful lately and it is definitely taking a toll. I have had McDonald's twice in the last week and I'm mad at myself for it and the ironic thing is that I don't even really like McDonald's! It is just the only fast food in town so its what I got :/

So my eating has been hit or miss but I am proud of the fact that I'm not just completely letting my self control go and go "hog wild" so to speak. Which I have done in the past during stressful times. In the interest of full disclosure, I have gone the other way too during an extremely stressful period. And while it did cross my mind to control my life through my food in a way that would make me thinner... Being thinner is not the only thing I want. I want to feel amazing, look amazing, be full of energy, add years to my life etc.

My goal during this stressful 3 month period of my life is to get as amazingly fit as I can in 3 months! I won't be doing anything crazy, just continuing to work out like I have been and get better at eating vegan and raw vegan.

I'm proud to announce as well that I am firmly back on track in terms of exercise! I wen't running yesterday and went to the gym today! Tomorrow is another running day. It feels really good to be back in my exercise groove :)

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