Saturday, August 14, 2010


I need to refocus my:

Eating: I am going to bring me diet soda consumption back down to zero. It hasn't been too bad lately compared to the worst times but it is not zero like it was for a bit and like I want it to be. I have also slipped back into non-vegan/vegetarian eating habits. So I am going to get back to eating vegan again. Also I am going to break out this bad boy out again to start my raw vegan journey!

Exercising: I have decided to set my workout schedule like this:
Monday - Run
Tuesday - Gym
Wednesday - Run
Thursday - Gym
Friday - Run
Saturday/Sunday - possible run or some other fun exercise

This could change because my mom is signing up at the gym I'm at and we are going to try to get some workouts in together. But for now this is my planned exercise schedule. And I will continue to utilize my amazingly motivated Nike+ that has not gotten a lot of use lately.

Blogging: I want to get back to blogging on a regular basis (everyday or every other day). Plus I want to start incorporating more pictures in my blogs posts. I know I love reading blogs posts with pictures so I am striving to get more pictures in mine as well.

House: I want to take this 3 months to really deep clean, organize and purge my house. I hate how cluttered it has become due to my lack of time. I want to come home to a house that makes me feel calm and positive.

Parenting: I am setting up a schedule for Mostest that will help him know what to expect, what is on the agenda for the day and the week. I think this will help him transition from one thing to another better and I think it will get a steady routine going for us (something I am not very good at). Plus I think it will somehow help me being a more relaxed mom....

These are my goals, this is what I am refocusing on, this is my plan.... Here goes nothing :P


  1. Those sound like really good goals! Here's to refocusing!

  2. These sounds like GREAT goals! I know you can do it!!! Mostest will really benefit from a schedule!! In turn you will benefit too!!