Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finished my first 10 miles!

I have officially past the 10 mile mark on my running ticker! It is so gratifying to watch the miles tick upward!

I was scheduled for a 4 mile run but unfortunately only did 2.08. My body just didn't feel up to it and my right knee was killing me. I felt pretty shitty about not finishing it because I am the kind of person that when I set a goal I WILL finish it at all costs. But, I had to remind myself that I want to turn running into a long term fitness and enjoyment activity. So if I want to do that I need to be gentle with my body so it can keep doing it!!

I do need to give myself some kudos though for getting out and doing this run! I faced several obstacles over the course of 2 days that could have been great excuses to not run. But I didn't!!! I came up with solutions and a plan, then got out there and ran!!! This is NOT what I would usually do! I would usually take the first excuse at the first obstacle.

I am really looking forward to enjoying my rest day from running tomorrow. I foresee some IcyHot for my calves and shins and some relaxing with my hubby and Mostest!

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