Monday, June 21, 2010

Getting started

Both the blog and the lifestyle changes.

My goal for writing this blog is to be super honest. I have a tendency to make things rosier than they are too myself. "It was just a couple candy bars, no biggie..." or ignoring the facts such as my weight (the number) or that my clothes really aren't fitting any better. Do you see what I mean? So I am done beating around the bush with myself, I need to just do it and do it right!

Now, in terms of lifestyle changes... It really is hard, at least for me. I have been seeking comfort in food for about 6 years now so it's not something that will just *boom* change overnight. I had almost a full week without any meat and most days with just traces of dairy. Until yesterday and today... Last night I had cheese pizza and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. My stomach was KILLING me! File that away into "reasons why to stick strictly to vegan eating." And then today I had a chicken bacon ranch at Subway and a Reese's Stix candy bar (I LOVE those! ugh)

So now it's time to get back on track and do better! In a little while Mostest (my almost 3 y/o son) and I are going to go jogging, he loves getting pushed in the jogging stroller so he is always happy to go! I'm hoping my hubby will come too but he is not feeling very good today so we will see. I have no plans for dinner but I do have some freshly sprouted quinoa and newly made raw tahini so maybe I will make something around one of those :)


  1. Wooohoo! So excited to follow your blog. And get some tips while I'm on this elimination diet myself.

  2. I'll be eagerly following your journey! :)