Monday, January 10, 2011

It's a Brand New Year...

Yikes... So first let me say, we are moved and started in our new life. Things are finally calming down. Unfortunately I have not only NOT lost weight lately, I guaruntee I gained weight! I can feel it.

On top of that I just flipped through the holiday pictures my mom took and put online.... and I am horrified. Things need to change RIGHT NOW!

This is a year for truly new beginnings right off the bat.

-DH is in a new career
-We are in a new town
-I am a SAHM again

So... let's add "Lose some serious weight" on there shall we?

I am starting the 2 week beginning phase of Atkins shortly and I am super excited and ready to do so. DH is even going to do it with me. There is also a gym membership in my very near future (within the next week or so).

I am SO over looking at picture of myself and wanting to cry, I am so over not feeling good in my skin or my clothes, I am so over feeling huge and cumbersome. This is it. This is my year. No excuses.

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